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DX Shop – New Shop For VHF and Up

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DX Shop LogoThe DX Shop Limited is an all-new internet website supplying high end equipment to the serious VHF and UHF Radio Amateur.

Run by Roger Banks GW4WND the website, provides a wide range of equipment from SSPA and Valve Linear Amplifiers, LNA, data soundcards, aerials cables and connectors.

The DX Shop Limited are manufacturers and distributors of the PowAbeam range of G4CQM VHF/UHF Antennas.

The DX Shop are also authorised distributors for Andrew HELIAX cables and connectors. We have offers on at the moment on AVA5-50 and offer a free termination service so cables can be bought ready made-up.

Ecoflex and Airflex low loss cables are also available as well as a full range of connectors and adapters to suit.

The DX Shop Limited stocks the RFHamdesign range of heavy duty Azimuth and Alt/Az rotators and accessories.

If you are serious about your hobby then pay the website a visit.

Competitive pricing and quick turnaround.
01588 620126

Do you need a wideband masthead preamplifier for your Funcube dongle?

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John, G4BAO has a kit consisting of a PCB and all the components for the wideband amplifier project published in RadCom March 2010. These are still available although limited stock.

There is now a modification which can significantly reduce the noise flaw. Please see for more details.

Full kit prices are:

  • Wideband Amp Full kit £33.00
  • Bias Tee Full Kit (short PCB) £17.00
  • plus £2 postage and packing for UK.

Paypal to [email protected]. or cheques payable to “bravo alpha oscar” QTHR

Tin boxes can be purchased from Alan, G3NYK and are part numbers 1000101 and 1000102.