Worked All Parishes (2023)

We are running a second competition this year where the aim is to work as many Swindon parishes as you can between March and the end of November. The concept was suggested by John, G1VRJ.

There is an easy PDF entry form that must be submitted by December 4th, 2023. Please send it to John, G1VRJ.

The form has been made as easy as possible to use. Every time you work someone in a valid parish, mark it in the box for the month, (please see example on the score sheet) we are in, see example on the score sheet. This is entered up to 5 contacts, once five scored then add a tick to the multiplier box.


Multiple parishes can be scored in any month, i.e., West Swindon, Highworth, Stratton.

When scoring for a Parish, i.e., Westlea, you cannot score the same call sign more than once in a month for that given parish. In the score box, 5 different contacts need to be made before the multiplier can be counted. Once 5 contacts have been made a tick (claim)can be added to the multiplier box to multiply the total for that parish by 10.

Contacts can be made via any mode.

If contacts are made by a Repeater, then one (1) point is scored per contact, if direct contact then three (3) points per contact, call signs of contacts to be noted separately. See example of scoring in a box

Via “Parish Activation”, ten (10) points per contact. Anyone wishing to “Activate” a parish can do so by notice to be put on the Groups io and notice at Thursday meeting. Volunteers to activate like WAB, suggest 1 – 2 hours, or personal choice.

Totals. At the bottom of the score sheet is a total box, this can be added up at the end of each month. See example.

Score sheets can be sent quarterly to John Ager G1VRJ, for tally up. This will be requested via groups io
Keep a real log of contacts so that in the event that your log needs to be verified, you are able to show who, where, and when. Your log can be electronic, or paper-based. There is no need to log these contacts in a different log.

Please post your scores from time to time to the mailing list so others know how you’re getting on.

There are no restrictions on what counts as a QSO so long as a radio was used.

Feel free to activate other parishes other than where you live/work. It would be a good idea to post to the group that you are planning on doing it with dates and times for the best chance of working people.

Good luck.