Worked All Parishes (2023)

We are running a second competition this year where the aim is to work as many Swindon parishes as you can between March and the end of November. The concept was suggested by John G1VRJ.

There is an easy PDF entry form that must be submitted by December 4th 2023. Please send it to the committee email address or hand it to one of us personally.

The form has been made as easy as possible to use. Every time you work someone in a valid parish, put a line in the box for the month we are in. Use the well-known tally system to group the contacts into groups of 5.

Keep a real log of contacts so that in the event that your log needs to be verified, you are able to show who, where, and when. Your log can be electronic or paper-based. There is no need to log these contacts in a different log.

Please post your scores from time to time to the mailing list so others know how you’re getting on.

There are no restrictions on what counts as a QSO so long as a radio was used.

Feel free to activate other parishes other than where you live/work. It would be a good idea to post to the group that you are planning on doing it with dates and times for the best chance of working people.

The log sheet is below.

Good luck.