Worked All Prefixes (2020)

This is a year-long dual award scheme open to SDARC-Members only. It aims to encourage on-air operating, to have some competitive fun playing radio, to raise the profile of SDARC on the air and to reward members making consistent use of their radio gear. Go on, THIS year, why don’t YOU have a go!!

The contest is now closed. Thanks for taking part.

Please be aware that it can take a minute or so for your QSOs to appear in the league table. Please do not worry.

From time to time we will manually adjudicate your entries and correct any prefixes which have been incorrectly logged. You may find your totals change.



“Worked all Prefixes (CW/Phone)”; ”Worked all Prefixes (MGM)”, Worked all Prefixes (Assisted)”


To work as many world-wide PREFIXES as you can during the Award period, to encourage some competitive fun playing radio, to raise the on-air profile of SDARC & to reward members making use of their radio gear.

ALL DXCC Prefixes are valid. You will need to log and submit the full call worked but only the PREFIX counts. There are hundreds of prefixes to ‘bag’ as many ‘common’ countries have multiple prefixes!


QSOs may be made at any time from 1st FEBRUARY to 30th NOVEMBER 2020.


Log ALL QSOs under your own Full Call Sign. QSOs made using your SCC (Short Contest Call) are OK.


ANY allocated UK Amateur Band from DC to Light.


Contacts made where YOU used an RF signal on an Amateur band at your end. The propagation of your signal to the other end of the QSO could be a direct RF link (eg 20m or 6M)
or could be RF through a repeater (including a Satellite)
or even could be a mode which uses an Internet segment (eg DMR or Echolink).
The ONLY other Limitation: No remote, automatic or unattended operation.


You may operate from home or /M, /P or /A anywhere within a 25 mile radius of your QTHR.


There are THREE Awards for 2020 according to how you operate:

Award 1: CW or Phone QSOs made using RF propagation alone.
Some Members may operate CW using a computer. This does NOT make those QSOs MGM.

Award 2: MGM (Machine Generated Modes) QSOs – (eg RTTY, PSKnn, JTnn, FTn … )

Award 3: QSOs using RF at YOUR end but with which an Internet segment ‘assists’ – (eg Echolink / DMR )


Your Maximum TX Power is determined by your licence.

Award 1: CW/Phone:  You may choose a lower power category should you wish (10/50/100/400W)
e.g. An M1 or G4 may tactically choose 10,  50,  100 or 400W  in the CW/Phone Award.

BUT… Choose carefully as  *** you must stick to your chosen power category all year. ***

So, if you choose 10w in March, you can’t change to 100w halfway through May!

Award 2:  MGM:  You can use any power and mode allowed by your licence and can change these at any time!

Award 3: “Assisted”: Power unlikely to be a factor, so any conventional power within your licence terms is OK.


Each Prefix Initial worked counts as ONE point. Enter details using the appropriate online form at Just copy the details from your shack log.


There will be SIX Winners’ Certificates overall :
One for MGM, one for “Assisted” and 4 more for CW/Phone (10W, 50W, 100W, 400W).
ONE member could win MGM, “Assisted” and one of the CW/Phone Awards.   YOU can prevent that‼


QSOs will not normally need validating but Judges reserve the right to request confirmation. The Judges’ decision in all matters is final. By entering, you agree that results & photos may be sent to Radcom & the SDARC website.


The online table at will show progress. Awards will be presented at the Club Christmas Dinner.

Remember to tell stations you contact about the SDARC Worked All Prefix Initials Award… It raises the profile of SDARC on the air! Happy Hunting! Have Fun ! Good Luck !

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