Well, why join a radio club? You’re here so you must have an interest. Nothing happens in a vacuum or so the saying goes. (Oops, well, erm, radio waves happen….)

If you’re a beginner, the skills you need to acquire to run your own radio station safely with no interference to others and within the terms of your licence can be quite a daunting prospect, let alone meeting people who share in your interest and don’t mention Tony Hancock much… Maybe you want to do some contesting and don’t have the kit?

SDARC has a membership of over 50 in number, with a good turnout at the weekly club meetings. Attendees range from the ‘waiting qualification’ to G3’s with a breadth of knowledge that frankly will take you for the rest of your radio career to acquire! Some like making antennae, some like construction, some live for contesting, some like the whole gamut of this fascinating calling (too big a subject for the name ‘hobby’).

So, make it easy on yourself and come and share in that pool of knowledge and make some new friends. Come along to a ‘natter night’ or one of the club’s regular talks,meet the friendly people and make up your own mind.

The club meets at the Pine Trees Community Centre, The Circle, Pinehurst, Swindon (click here for a map.) If you are licensed give a call on WH or TD and someone will be sure to help if you get lost!

Membership is a mere £15 per year with a discount available for students under the age of 16 and due from April 1st.

An application form is online here. You may fill this in online and send your payment electronically or pay the Treasurer on a club evening.

To see a list of current members click here.