Jamboree on the Air 15 to 17 October 2021

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The world’s largest radio Scout event promoting friendship and global citizenship (JOTA) is this weekend.  Get on the air and listen out for Scout radio stations.  You could ignite a lifelong interest in radio if you work a young Scout live on air.

I am running a JOTA station at 2nd Marlborough Scout hut on Saturday.  I am planning to be QRV on 40M in the afternoon using the callsign GB2MAR and we will probably also have 2M running.

It is also Operation Blue Ham this weekend on 60M. If you have this band have a listen around and work a few ATC stations as well.

More info about JOTA at https://radio-scouting.info/jota/

and Blue Ham at https://alphacharlie.org.uk/exercise-blue-ham/

73’s Andrew M1CJE

Club Christmas Dinner 2021

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Yes, you may have become so embroiled with the drama at the forecourts or the pandemic that you failed to notice that Christmas is just around the corner!!!!

Following successful visits to the Harvester in Blunsdon in recent years, we are again booked in there for our Christmas Dinner and Awards evening.

This year’s date for your diary is Thursday 9th December. We are nominally booked for 19.30 for 19.45.

You have a choice of a 2 course menu for £15.99 or a 3 course one for £18.99.


Please see the above file for menu choices which you will need to decide on at booking.

Minimum deposit of £5 on initial booking or you can choose the pay the full amount.


Member to Member Email Reflector

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From time to time people contact the committee asking for help or with something to give away/sell or just say hello. We decided it would be good if members could join a mailing list and send messages to each other. Whilst I have used the term “member”, this is not just for members. Anyone with an interest can subscribe. There is no obligation to sign up and we will not sign you up automatically.

We have chosen to use the very popular Groups.io platform to run the service. An archive of all emails sent are available at https://groups.io/g/sdarc/topics

Your first message may be moderated and therefore might take some time to arrive.

We may alter the rules from time to time.

Please use clean language and keep it related to the club or amateur radio in general.

Let’s make this a friendly and active community.


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With the fast-approaching prospect of being able to return to real face-to-face meetings in the autumn (more info when we know more), we need to get our house in order post-Covid lockdowns and restrictions.

To that end, we need to set up an AGM.    Actually, we need to set up TWO!

This is a formal notice of the AGM to be held as a Zoom session on TUESDAY 24TH AUGUST at 1930 BST

Why TWO AGMs, you may ask? 

Covid lockdowns and disruptions to normal thinking put the tin hat on the 2019-20 one and now we are several months late on the May 2020-21 AGM, so we plan to run the two together in one ONLINE (Zoom) session.

So much water has flown under the bridge that we will really only address an Activity Report for 2019-20 and agree on the audited accounts from that year.

The 2020-21 AGM will be the more substantive part and will include elections to the committee as you will see from the Agenda below.


  • Welcome
  • Review of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021
  • Finance: Presentation of Accounts for 2019-2020 and  2020-2021
  • Elections to Committee for 2021-22
  • AOB ( if submitted prior to AGM)

We will provide further details of how to join the Zoom session in due course.

Please put the date in your diary and please join us so we can get the SDARC show back on the road – we need a goodly number of attendees to make the AGM a formally acceptable activity.

Also… if any Member, new or long-standing would like to join the committee, please email me. We should have a committee of at least 10 of our now 60-something members. NOW seems a really good time for new ideas from new people, so please think about joining the committee.

We have got into the habit of Zoom committee meetings from the comfort of our own homes but we also like sampling biscuits and cake at REAL meetings, so we have a choice. We have even met at local hostels serving cold fizzy drinks in times past !!

  • Only CURRENT members can take part in the AGM
  • Subs are now as overdue as the AGM, so if YOU haven’t paid your subs, please do so as soon as possible. See website for BACS etc details.

Any items you wish discussed in the AGM MUST be sent to me BEFORE the date of the AGM.

73 all

Den M0ACM (Club Secretary)

Activity Nights @ Barbury Castle

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Throughout August (starting  29th July) we will be meeting out and about (where safe to do so). We are meeting in the car park at Barbury Castle. If you don’t know where it is and you have a GPS… 51.483822, -1.777436

Barbury Castle is an Iron Age hill fort situated in Wiltshire, England. It is one of several such forts found along the ancient Ridgeway route. The site, which lies within the Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, has been managed as a country park by Swindon Borough Council since 1971. It is situated on Barbury Hill, a local vantage point, which, under ideal weather conditions, commands a view across to the Cotswolds and the River Severn. It has two deep defensive ditches and ramparts. The Old Ridgeway runs close by and the modern Ridgeway crosses through the castle. In the surrounding area are to be found round barrows, Celtic field systems and 18th-19th Century flint workings.

If you prefer not to meet in person, the net will still be in operation.

Worked All Europe 2021 Award – Update 2

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There have currently worked 66 unique entities across the competition so far. There are 19 players and 2 clubs currently submitting scores. Spain is currently the most popular prefix. As expected, MGM is the most popular category. The leaderboard not only shows who has scored what, but now highlights the club winner and overall winner for each category.

Good luck everyone!

Worked All Europe 2021 Award – Update 1

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There have currently worked 63 unique entities across the competition so far. There are 18 players and 2 clubs currently submitting scores. Italy is currently the most popular prefix. As expected, MGM is the most popular category. M1CJE is leading that category with 59 entities.

Worked All Europe 2021 Award

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This is a year-long dual award scheme open to SDARC (and invited clubs) Members only. It aims to encourage on-air operating, to have some competitive fun playing radio, to raise the profile of SDARC on the air and to reward members making consistent use of their radio gear. Go on, THIS year, why don’t YOU have a go!!

To take part, please visit the official page which contains the button to log a QSO and also the real-time scores. Worked All Europe (2021) This page is also available from the main menu “Worked All…”



To work as many EUROPEAN COUNTRIES as you can during the Award period, to encourage some competitive fun playing radio, to raise the on-air profile of SDARC & to reward members making use of their radio gear.

You will need to log and submit the full call worked but only the country counts. There are 70 countries to collect.


QSOs may be made at any time from 1st APRIL to 30th NOVEMBER 2021.


Log ALL QSOs under your own Full Call Sign. QSOs made using your SCC (Short Contest Call) are OK.


ANY allocated UK Amateur Band from DC to Light.


Contacts made where YOU used an RF signal on an Amateur band at your end. The propagation of your signal to the other end of the QSO could be a direct RF link (eg 20m or 6M)
or could be RF through a repeater (including a Satellite)
or even could be a mode that uses an Internet segment (eg DMR or Echolink).
The ONLY other Limitation: No remote, automatic or unattended operation.


You may operate from home or /M, /P or /A anywhere within a 25 mile radius of your QTHR.


There are THREE Awards for 2021 according to how you operate:

Award 1: CW or Phone QSOs made using RF propagation alone.
Some Members may operate CW using a computer. This does NOT make those QSOs MGM.

Award 2: MGM (Machine Generated Modes) QSOs – (eg RTTY, PSKnn, JTnn, FTn … )

Award 3: QSOs using RF at YOUR end but with which an Internet segment ‘assists’ – (eg Echolink / DMR )


Your Maximum TX Power is determined by your licence.

Award 1: CW/Phone:  You may choose a lower power category should you wish (10/50/100/400W)
e.g. An M1 or G4 may tactically choose 10,  50,  100 or 400W  in the CW/Phone Award.

BUT… Choose carefully as  *** you must stick to your chosen power category all year. ***

So, if you choose 10w in April, you can’t change to 100w halfway through May!

Award 2:  MGM:  You can use any power and mode allowed by your licence and can change these at any time!

Award 3: “Assisted”: Power unlikely to be a factor, so any conventional power within your licence terms is OK.


Each Country worked counts as ONE point. Enter details using the appropriate online form at SDARC.net Just copy the details from your shack log.


There will be SIX Winners’ Certificates overall :
One for MGM, one for “Assisted” and 4 more for CW/Phone (10W, 50W, 100W, 400W).
ONE member could win MGM, “Assisted” and one of the CW/Phone Awards.   YOU can prevent that‼


QSOs will not normally need validating but Judges reserve the right to request confirmation. The Judges’ decision in all matters is final. By entering, you agree that results & photos may be sent to Radcom & the SDARC website.