The ‘Go-Pack’ Challenge 2024

The ‘Go-Pack’ Challenge 2024


  • To design and build an innovative “Go Pack” radio system that is portable, independent & self-sufficient.
  • The “Go Pack” could be used to support a local emergency.
  • To demonstrate the “Go Pack” in operation on an agreed day in Summer 2024.


Design & build to start NOW (Feb 2024) with operational demonstration in July/Aug 2024. (to be agreed)


1Go Packs to be carryable, independent, and self-sufficient.Movement of kit from vehicle to demo pitch should be done in one journey if possible.
2Go Packs to be based around ‘bags’ or ‘boxes’.Typically, one or two bags (eg one for the radio + a 2nd for the battery). Add chair & table to complete.
Go Packs may be ‘switch on & go’ in nature or require components to be unpacked & connected.
3Go Packs can be designed & built for use on
any band(s), mode(s), or power.
Go Packs currently in existence are valid.
For demonstration day purposes, RF is restricted to 10 watts IERP (to avoid EMF assessments).
4DC Power to be exclusively from battery, solar, wind, or any mix of these.Petrol/gas generators not permitted.
5The Go Pack could be used in support of a local emergency.How this could be applied to a local emergency is at the discretion of the builder, but operability for 3 to 4 hours might be a worthy consideration.
6The radio equipment must be wholly contained in the Go Pack.No remote operation (eg with home or with a car).
7No use of trees, telegraph or lamp posts, or
buildings. The operator brings their table & chair.
This includes the radio, any accessories, aerial & supports, power source etc.
8No operational use of any vehicle.No vehicle power, no vehicle aerial mounts, no use of an in-vehicle radio.
9No use of local structures for aerial support.No use of trees, telegraph or lamp posts, or buildings. The operator brings their own table & chair.
10Each Go Pack is to be explained via a video or photographic ‘document’ for later use..The ‘document’ for each entry will be presented in the autumn at the Club for others’ appreciation. The ‘document’ could show the pack’s construction or simply explain the finished product.
11The Go Packs will be demonstrated in
operation and explained to members present during an agreed Demo Day.
The Demo is to be convened in a park or similar outdoor open space (to be decided) on a weekend in either July or August 2024 (to be decided).
Depending on location/cost/logistics, a family BBQ may be integrated into the day (to be agreed).
12The Operability of the Go Pack may be demonstrated with a simplex QSO or via a repeater, DMR Gateway, or satellite.The Go Pack could itself be a dedicated repeater – or a beacon. The demo in this case could be linked to it with a handheld.
13Each Go Pack will be ‘judged’ by those members present against the Aims above using criteria determined by each voting member.Each Member present will be given 3 voting slips which they can award in any combination to any Go Pack. Members exhibiting a Go Pack will be given a 4th voting slip. No exhibitor self-voting.
14Votes will be counted at the end of the demo day and 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards announced.Actual votes cast will not be announced (in case I get none!).
15The top 3 exhibitors will be presented with Certificates recognising their achievements.Certificates will be presented at the Christmas Dinner.