What Makes the Ping Go Ping?

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Tonight at Pine Trees, we will be showing a presentation (video) which is available on the RSGB website as a download for members and affiliated clubs.

‘What makes the ping go ping?’ was a presentation delivered by John Worsnop, @G4BAO, at the 2015 RSGB convention and covers the interesting subject of meteor scatter.

John covers all aspects, such as meteor trail formation, receivers and antennas and the effects of the meteor scatter on operating frequencies.

Meteor scatter is a fascinating subject, so please join us at Pine Trees from 7pm to view the presentation.

‘The Shetland Bus’ Talk by John Winterburn

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‘On Thursday, November 10th, we welcome back John Winterburn to our club.

John is an Archaeologist and specializes in the conflict landscapes of Southern Jordan – members will doubtless remember the spellbinding presentation John gave us some 18 months ago on his part in the search for Lawrence of Arabia’s desert camp.

On Thursday, we move forward to World War 2 and the story of the ‘Shetland Bus’. This was the nickname of the special operations group formed in 1941 who specialized in making the link between Shetland, Scotland and Norway. The Norwegian Naval Independent Unit (NNIU) as they were known, initially used lightly armed fishing boats for the crossings and usually crossed in darkness during the Winter months. The group became part of the Norwegian Navy in 1943 and gained 3 fast and heavily armed submarine chasing boats, eventually making nearly 200 crossings before the war ended in May 1945.

This will be quite a poignant talk, being the night before Remembrance Day and the ideal opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made by these brave persons in some of the most daring exploits of the war.

Please join us at Pine Trees Community Centre from 7pm to see John’s fascinating presentation.

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) 2016

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JOTA is the largest Scouting event in the world with over 1 million Scouts participating across 150+ countries. The event is held the third weekend of October – for 2016 it was 14th, 15th & 16th October.

Held at 1st Stratton Scouts Hut, Kingsdown, Swindon on Saturday 15th October 2016. This was our first attempt at putting on a JOTA station for a while and I would like this to be an annual event.

We arrived on Friday evening to set up masts for the antenna, which went well but the first antenna tried did not want to play nicely (a G5RV) so we switched to an off centre fed windom antenna that after a little fettling worked ok.

On Saturday morning, we decided to use the club’s Kenwood TS590 that performed brilliantly for the duration of the event.

We had two demos, one for Morse code and one for the Phonetic Alphabet. These went quite well from the general feedback that we received and I think Phil enjoyed showing the qualities of morse code as a transmission medium.

Andrew M1CJE setup a data station and has made 23 contacts on PSK.

Our main operator Kevin G6FOP made 9 contacts on 40 Mtrs and 5 scouts passed messages over the air.

I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this day a success. Kevin G6FOP, Andy G0UWS, Russell M0RFI, Andrew M1CJE , Phil M0PBZ, Mike M5CBS. We also have to give thanks to the scout leaders and helpers who kept us supplied with cups of tea.

A few pictures from the event last weekend are below.

Best 73s Ken Powell G1NCG

Talk/Demo – ‘Autodesk Eagle Tutorial… from idea to PCB’ by James, M1DST

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eaglepcbThis week we see James, M1DST explain the basics of CadSoft Eagle to help you design your schematic and PCB layout with the plan to fabricate the PCB. Whether you are used to dead bug or stripboard you will certainly benefit from something in the talk. James is only a hobbiest but will share the features he has learned over the years of using the software. We will be using the very latest version and exploring some of the cool new features.

The talk will be 5% PowerPoint and 95% demo!

Starts at 8pm.

Talk Cancelled

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cancelledThe planned talk ‘Simple Satellite Operating’ by Tim Kirby, G4VXE has had to be cancelled. We will try to arrange a new date as soon as possible.

We will instead be running an activity night where an HF antenna will be setup and in operation.

Members’ Equipment Sale

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For SaleThis week at Pine Trees, we will be holding a Members’ Equipment Sale.

With Winter fast approaching, many turn to projects to help fill those long, dark nights. Our sale is just the place to find that obscure part or perhaps a restoration project to work on.

Bargains are to be had, as sellers tend to keep their prices to a sensible level and there is always the option to haggle a bit!

You may wish to bring along items to sell or just browse the tables as a buyer – all are welcome to attend.

Fees are as follows:

  • SDARC Member Seller’s Table – Free
  • Non Member Seller’s Table – £3
  • SDARC Member Entrance – Free
  • Non Member Entrance – £1
  • Refreshments – £1 (all)

For Sale: Yaesu FT 920 AF – £550 ovno

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100w HF and 6m Multimode Transceiver c/w FM option board.

Often referred to as the FT1000’s little brother, the FT920 has been widely reported in reviews as being on a par with its big brother. It is my “go-to” rig because it does everything so simply & really well.

ALL the day-to-day controls are on the large well laid out front panel. Menu contains set-and-forget items. Read more

Thursday 15th September @ SDARC

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‘On Thursday 15th September, we kick off the Autumn/Winter programme with a film documenting the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC).

So, what is the WRTC you ask?

Well, it is a competition between two-person teams of Radio Amateurs using their skills to make contact with other Radio Amateurs around the world.

The championship lasts for 24 hours and all teams from each geographic region use the SAME antennas – so It’s all down to operator skill!

The 2014 championship had 59 teams from 38 countries competing from 29 qualifying regions around the world.

The eventual winners were Daniel Craig, N6MJ and Chris Hurlbut, KL9A from the USA.

This documentary film of the WRTC 2014 has been professionally produced by James Brooks, 9V1YC and he has kindly uploaded the film to his pages on Vimeo. James also has also enabled its downloading for use by individuals and clubs such as ours. There are a number of other films which James has produced here:- https://vimeo.com/user36455730. These include DXepeditions such as Midway, K4M; the Kingdom of Bhutan, A52A and Heard Island, VK0IR and all are well worth watching.

Please join us at Pine Trees from 7pm on Thursday 15th to view this excellent documentary and to find out more about our future talks and events.’

Mills on the Air August 2016 at Wilton Windmill

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Mills on the Air was activated for the second time this year, callsign used was GB1WW.

We arrived on site Saturday morning to erect antenna masts, with the help of three club members to whom I say a big thank you for your help in erecting the masts and putting up the safety barriers. We managed to erect everything and start operating before the weather turned against us. We had made several contacts on HF but as the oncoming thunder and lightning storm could be heard on the rig we were using it was thought to be prudent to disconnect antenna from HF rig.Our operator decided that this was a good time to

Our operator decided that this was a good time to attempt making contact over the DMR repeater GB3TC which has given us contacts down under in VK land. When the heavens opened, (which produced rain coming down like stair rods as the old saying goes) we were very thankful for having the most palatial of SES habitats, a modern version of a ‘Shepards Hut’ so we kept dry and warm.

Sunday was a better day with a fair few members of the public visiting the site as the Windmill was open for business. The windmill sails have been removed temporarily for refurbishment. We made several contacts, mainly distance contacts, with little inter G working avaiable. We had our club chairman visit with his family which we think they enjoyed.

Monday was the best day of the weekend as we had sunshine and quite hot weather and it was good day for contacts made.

  • Not Yet Verified: 13
  • Verified Contacts: 73
  • Total of Contacts 86

Country breakdown for contacts :-

Country QSOs
Australia 2
Austria 1
Belgium 2
Denmark 1
England 19
Faroe Islands 1
Finland 1
France 3
Germany 13
North Germany 1
Italy 4
Netherlands 9
Northern Ireland 5
Scotland 8
Spain 2
Sweden 1
Switzerland 2
Wales 1

I would like to thank these amateurs for helping and visiting the SES.
Andrew M1CJE, Charles G0TLI, Russell M0RFI, Mathew 2E0WLF, James M1DST, Bill M0TDW and of course John G1OQV who was our main stay operator and to the others thanks for your help it was very much appreciated a big thank you to all.

Ken, G1NCG