If you have an article of use to other amateurs, whether or not you are an SDARC member, please send it to [email protected]. Articles will be fully credited. Articles are presented in Adobe Reader (pdf) format. If you have the reader installed you can click on the article links and view in your browser, or you may save to disk for later reference by right-clicking and ”save target as”.

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  • A Capacitor Equivalent Series Resistance Tester and how to make a PCB
    An article by Dave, M0XUK. Download here.
  • How to give your aluminium panels a professional looking finish
    An old club article thanks to G3YKC. Download here.
  • Making Baluns
    An excellent article by Clive, M0KGV, on how to construct current baluns, their usage and abusage! Making Baluns
  • Dealing with RFI
    Understanding and Solving RF Interference and Noise Problems, by Jim Brown, K9YC of Audio Systems Group, Inc. You won”t find many articles as well written as this! Understanding and Solving RF Interference and Noise Problems
  • Construction of the 9 band Butternut vertical
    Short article by Andy, 2E0XVZ on the trials of putting one up in your back garden! Butternut.pdf
  • 4 ele quad for 10m
    Here is a comprehensive article from Jon, M0OTM, on constructiing a cubical quad for 10m, together with helpful resourcing notes and comments from the field testing. 4 element cubical quad
  • A double-sized G5RV – Is there such a thing? Well Jon built one and here”s the article with construction and field notes: The double-sized G5RV
  • Constructing impedance transformers for beverage antennas and the like. A very useful article written by John Bryant and discovered by James (M1DST). Fabricating Impedance Transformers for Receiving Antennas.