SK Sale – December 2020

SK Sale – December 2020

First, an apology…

OK, THIS isn’t “mid October” as I suggested in my last email about the SK Sales items! 

However, there have been ‘developments’… We have received further items from other sources. These have taken more time to process than was initially expected!

About the equipment

Equipment has come from five SK sources. We now have over 130 items available for your attention!  A small team of SDARC members has been working to retrieve, catalogue and – not to waste your time – where possible & appropriate, test that items work!  This has been no small task!

 The list is still growing, but we are conscious of time creeping on (and Christmas coming!) so we are publishing the list on Wednesday (2nd Dec) and will then add to it in the coming days/weeks as and when we can.

 The equipment will be listed on a single “SK Sale” list available on line – initially to SDARC Members only.

 Much of the equipment has been tested – at least plugged in & used. These items are shown as “Tested OK” in the list. Any item that has not tested “OK” or which has ‘issues’ has these listed in the “Condition” column.

Equipment not tested (components, H-B items etc) has been shown as either “Not Tested” or N/A (not applicable).

Sale Procedure

I will send you a link to the list on Wednesday morning.   Please DO NOT share this link with non-members.

Items will be offered for an initial period to current SDARC Club Members ONLY.

This initial period will begin 2nd December  (following the end of Lockdown2) until 31st December .

Offers will not be accepted during this period from anyone who is not an SDARC member when the period begins.

 Following this “SDARC Members Special” period, items will be made available to members of other local Clubs and thereafter to a wider audience.

Basis of Sale

Items are shown on the list with a “Suggested Price”.

All items are sold “as seen” (Rally style).  SDARC is not offering warranties.

Due to Covid restrictions, buyers will NOT be able to view items in advance of purchase. (See also Payment and Returns below). Phone calls and photos for extra details can be provided on request. Please email – see below.

SDARC Members wishing to purchase an item should email the ITEM NUMBER , their CALLSIGN  & their ‘OFFER’ to [email protected]   The offer will be acknowledged.  DO NOT use ANY other email address – these will be ignored.

The FIRST offer received at the “Suggested Price” secures the item and the Member will be emailed to that effect.  Offers will be viewed “first come first served”. Generally we have only ONE of each item (…We ain’t Lynchie !)

Offers below the Suggested Price will be acknowledged and HELD for consideration at the end of the SDARC Members Sale period (31st Dec). Be aware however: (i) a later offer from another member AT the Suggested Price will secure the item. (ii) SDARC also reserves the right to seek a “suggested price” offer from a wider audience later.


Once a member is advised that their offer is accepted, they must make payment before the item can be released.

The buyer will have 48 hours to make the payment. Payments should be made using BACS transfer to the SDARC account. (Sort Code: 20-84-58 A/c No:   80868728  )

All payments MUST show BOTH the ITEM NUMBER * AND  BUYER’S CALLSIGN  in the BACS “reference”.

Once you have made the transfer, the Buyer should email the Treasurer ([email protected])  quoting your CALLSIGN, the Item Number (s) and the amount transferred so he knows to check the SDARC Bank a/c for your money. He will then acknowledge your payment and agree the release of the item(s).

* IF you are buying more than one item, you may prefer to pay for them all in one BACS transfer. However, there may not be enough space in the Reference field in your BACS app so …. put your CALLSIGN and  ONE item number in the Reference and then show ALL the item numbers in your email to the Treasurer.


Items purchased can be collected from (or by negotiation, delivered by) the person currently storing it once the Treasurer has advised us that the item can be released.


During the 14 days after collection/delivery, an item which you feel was not as described can be returned in the condition it was when collected/delivered and payment will be refunded.  Please email the above address as soon as possible if there is any such issue, quoting your CALLSIGN , the Item Number and a description of the issue.