Congratulations to John, Chris and Jim!

Congratulations to John, Chris and Jim!

We thought we would share the good news and our congratulations John who passed his Intermediate and to Chris and Jim who passed their Foundation exams.

We also received a note from John…

On the 21st March, Andrew managed to drag me through another exam. This time it was my Intermediate. I would like to thank SDARC for providing the training facilities. One more huge thanks to Andrew for all his time and patience. Also thanks to Mike for arranging the exam accommodation. I am also grateful to other members for their advice and encouragement. Sorry if I have been a pain with all my questions and, if I asked someone the same question again 5 minutes later, apologies but that tends to be the norm at 76.

I would like to emphasise the fact that Andrew is prepared to train an individual as well as larger groups. The advantage this gives a single trainee can be enormous. e.g. If I joined, and was trained by my local home club, then I would not be passing this exam until April 2021. This is because they require a number of trainees before they run each course. I appreciate that all courses are run by volunteers so I am not criticising my local club in anyway.

A rumour has reached this grey haired 76 year old that, now Andrew has me “done and dusted” again, he is now really looking forward to training someone young and intelligent.

Many thanks once more.

John, M7JJC (For only a few more days)