Construction Competition 2019 Results

Construction Competition 2019 Results

Congratulations to all the participants. The entries were of a great standard. The judging was performed by G4LDL, G0VTA and M1DST.

The entries were as follows…


  • M1CJE – RF Power Meter – Winner!


  • M0RFI – Capacitive Touch Paddle with Keyer – Winner!
  • M0ZGB – UnUn
  • M0ZGB – Clock Face
  • M1CJE – Clamp-on RF Meter


  • M7RTX – Shortwave Receiver – Winner!


  • M0ZGB- Lindenblad 70CM Antenna – Winner!
  • M1CJE – Sleeve Choke

The judges decided that the overall winner of the evening was M0RFI with his keyer.

It would be great to see even more entries next year. Time to start building.