Simple Satellite Operating by Tim Kirby, G4VXE

Simple Satellite Operating by Tim Kirby, G4VXE

UPDATE: Tim kindly provided his slides from the talk. You can download them here.

On Thursday, 8th June, we welcomed Tim Kirby, G4VXE to our club night at Pine Trees.

Have you ever thought about working through one of the many satellites which orbit our planet? There are a plethora of satellites which offer the radio amateur an opportunity to use their radios to join in with this fascinating part of our hobby. Some act as repeaters in the sky, allowing contacts far and wide on modes such as FM and SSB. Some carry digital data, SSTV and telemetry, while others may send experimental or other data which can be received by amateurs. There is also the ISS, with its worldwide schools’ contacts and its voice repeater on 2m FM and you never know, there may be the chance to speak to one of the astronauts on board!

Anyone who has searched the web for a simple ‘This is what to do’ Internet site will doubtless have encountered lots of partial, out of date and misinformation on how to make successful contacts via the ‘birds’.

Tim, with his talk on Simple Satellite Operating, showed how it can be done with simple equipment which most amateurs already own.

Tim worked through a satellite or two during the evening.