Construction Competition 2017 Results

Construction Competition 2017 Results

Last Thursday we had a great attendance for the Construction Competition. We received 15 entries. There were so many entries that the judges G4LDL and M1DST were unable to produce the final scores within the evening. Tony and James took away the score sheets and worked on them over the following days.

The standard from all entrants was very good and they were particularly impressed with the entries which were specifically built to solve a problem and as such were in regular use.

Below is a list of entrants and their project and if the project won in their class. Congratulations to all who took part as every project required different skills to execute. We hope to see more great projects next year.

G3LLZDennisHomebrew/ProfessionalActive AntennaWinner!
M0RFIRussellNovice/Kit40M XTAL CW TXVRWinner!
M6XTBTimNovice/KitARDF Antenna
M6WHQDomNovice/KitPixie 40M
G0EPCPaulKitRSGB Morse GeneratorWinner!
G3LLZDennisKitRF Power Meter
2E0CYSPeterAntenna2M HaloWinner!
M0IEPVivAntenna2m Antenna (6ele)
M1CJEAndrewHomebrewRotator ControllerWinner!
M1CJEAndrewHomebrewIC7000 Voice Keyer
M1CJEAndrewHomebrewLow Current PSU
M0ZGBJonathanHomebrewPortable Manpack
G0EPCPaulHomebrew9:1 balun
M0IEPVivHybrid/SoftwareSignal Generator / Power Meter +++Winner!
G4HGZMikeHybridFrequency Meter

Here are a few photos provided by the constructors.