‘Show & Tell Evening’ – 19 January 2017

‘Show & Tell Evening’ – 19 January 2017

This Thursday, 19th January, we will be holding a ‘Show & Tell Evening’ at Pine Trees.

The evening gives members the opportunity to bring along a piece of equipment, review an item or a piece of software or perhaps speak about their favourite aspect of the world of radio.
We have three speakers on the 12th, which are Jonathan – M0ZGB; Geoff – G3TPQ and Den – M0ACM.

Jonathan, M0ZGB
Jonathan is giving us a short presentation on his 1950s Ex RNLI lifeboat receiver, during which he will tell us about the original concept of the Type 97 radio set as well as his attempt to discover which lifeboat the receiver originally came from. He will also take us back to a time when tea & fried sausages were deemed more interesting than new-fangled radio sets!

Geoff, G3TPQ
Geoff will be speaking to us on the subject of British & German wartime civilian receivers and will be bringing along an example of each. We are doubtless all aware of the depth of Geoff’s knowledge on these subjects and he has also offered to end his talk with a short musical quiz!

Den, M0ACM
If you are still a breathing, well-read amateur, you WILL have heard of SDR transceivers… The new-ish fangled boxes with a computer attached to process the signals. Tonight, we will have a look at a new implementation of that concept – The ICOM 7300…

As there are three speakers on Thursday, we would ideally like to start the talks at 7.45pm rather than the usual 8pm, so that we have some time for questions and swap over.

Thursday night will be a good mix of the old and the new with regard to radio technology, so please join us from 7pm at Pine Trees to see our speakers deliver their presentations.