Mills on the Air August 2016 at Wilton Windmill

Mills on the Air August 2016 at Wilton Windmill

Mills on the Air was activated for the second time this year, callsign used was GB1WW.

We arrived on site Saturday morning to erect antenna masts, with the help of three club members to whom I say a big thank you for your help in erecting the masts and putting up the safety barriers. We managed to erect everything and start operating before the weather turned against us. We had made several contacts on HF but as the oncoming thunder and lightning storm could be heard on the rig we were using it was thought to be prudent to disconnect antenna from HF rig.Our operator decided that this was a good time to

Our operator decided that this was a good time to attempt making contact over the DMR repeater GB3TC which has given us contacts down under in VK land. When the heavens opened, (which produced rain coming down like stair rods as the old saying goes) we were very thankful for having the most palatial of SES habitats, a modern version of a ‘Shepards Hut’ so we kept dry and warm.

Sunday was a better day with a fair few members of the public visiting the site as the Windmill was open for business. The windmill sails have been removed temporarily for refurbishment. We made several contacts, mainly distance contacts, with little inter G working avaiable. We had our club chairman visit with his family which we think they enjoyed.

Monday was the best day of the weekend as we had sunshine and quite hot weather and it was good day for contacts made.

  • Not Yet Verified: 13
  • Verified Contacts: 73
  • Total of Contacts 86

Country breakdown for contacts :-

Country QSOs
Australia 2
Austria 1
Belgium 2
Denmark 1
England 19
Faroe Islands 1
Finland 1
France 3
Germany 13
North Germany 1
Italy 4
Netherlands 9
Northern Ireland 5
Scotland 8
Spain 2
Sweden 1
Switzerland 2
Wales 1

I would like to thank these amateurs for helping and visiting the SES.
Andrew M1CJE, Charles G0TLI, Russell M0RFI, Mathew 2E0WLF, James M1DST, Bill M0TDW and of course John G1OQV who was our main stay operator and to the others thanks for your help it was very much appreciated a big thank you to all.

Ken, G1NCG