GB1WWM – Wilton Windmill – THIS WEEKEND!

GB1WWM – Wilton Windmill – THIS WEEKEND!

GB1WWM is being activated for the second time this year at the request of the Wilton Windmill Trust.

This special event station will running over the bank holiday weekend of August 29th, 30th & 31st 2015.

All are welcome to come and visit, if you just want to see how a special event is run (chaos come to mind). Or you would like to be involved just try to support us please.

The station has been organised by Colin G4GBP and assisted by John G1OQV and myself Ken G1NCG.

If you are listening on the air for the callsign this the call you will hear “Golf Bravo One Whisky Whisky Mike” Wilton windmill.

We will be on 40m and 2m.

This is the address of Wilton Windmill :-

Wilton Windmill
Near Marlborough

Check their website for directions.