The Bletchley Park Story by Ray Goff – G4FON

The Bletchley Park Story by Ray Goff – G4FON

Bletchley ParkThis week, we will be joined at Pine Trees by Ray Goff, G4FON, who will give us a presentation about Bletchley Park.

Ray’s interest in radio began at the age of 8, building a Crystal set with his cousin whilst staying with him for a weekend. This early interest in radio developed into a lucrative business by his late teens, repairing TVs and Radios in his neighbourhood.

Ray became interested in SWLing and joined the Farnborough DARS in the 1960’s and by 1970, Ray had passed the RAE exam. He was determined to hold out for the 12wpm Morse test and the full licence though and began studying for that. However, during his time at university, he decided to apply for the VHF only B licence and received the call G8HMH.

Ray finally passed the Morse test in November 1976 and gained his now familiar G4FON call and the A class licence.

Many will be familiar with Ray’s excellent Morse training program, which can be downloaded free from his website and Ray’s other interests include Home brewing and QRP operation.

Ray is an official guide at Bletchley Park, so is well qualified to speak about this most fascinating of wartime subjects.

Please join us from 7pm on Thursday 20th March at Pine Trees to meet Ray and hear his presentation, which is sure to be enthralling.