It’s been usual for people who wish to become active on the microwave bands to build their own equipment from scratch or from a kit, to modify commercial equipment, or if they have deep enough pockets, to buy completed equipment from the handful of specialist manufacturers who produce equipment for the amateur microwave bands.

Most modern components are only available in SMD packages. For most people, building equipment using modern surface-mount components isn’t easy, and hand-soldering doesn’t lead to great reliability, but boards built using automated assembly techniques are extremely reliable. It’s for that reason that a range of equipment will only be available as assembled and tested units via GW4DGU.

Chris Bartram, GW4DGU, will be remembered by many as the founder of muTek limited and the designer of much of the still highly-regarded range of VHF/UHF equipment manufactured by the Company.

Modules for 10GHz are available from Chris via his website