From the RSGB website:

Some 135 people attended the RSGB EGM held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, at the Birmingham NEC on Saturday 19th November.

The meeting was called to consider a series of Resolutions to put in place an Interim Board to address some of the challenges currently faced by the Society.

During the EGM, which was chaired by RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW, the meeting heard from Don Beattie, G3BJ, Acting General Manager, of the issues leading up to the Resolutions being proposed.

After a lively discussion, the President called for a poll to be taken, which was supervised by Electoral Reform Services. The results were:

For Special Resolution 1 (to create the Interim Board): 85% of those voting

For Ordinary Resolutions 2-9 (to appoint individual members to the Board) votes ranged between and 83 and 86% of those voting

Special Resolution 1 required a 75% majority, the others a simple majority.

The President therefore declared all motions carried. The Interim Board starts work immediately.

Commenting on the meeting, Dave Wilson said “I’m delighted that members have given us such a resounding vote of confidence to move ahead with the new Interim Board. It clearly shows there’s an appetite for change and the new Interim Board carries the responsibility for working with you the membership to develop the details of the way ahead. I’d like to thank everyone who voted and everyone who came to the EGM for showing concern and interest for the way the Society develops in the future.”

Members of the new Interim Board issued a statement,which was read to the meeting,which said:

We would like to thank all of the members who participated in today’s vote.

You have vested your confidence in us to move the RSGB forward and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We have no illusions – this will be a tough job and we must move quickly on some issues. But our vision is to create a Society which is financially sound, of which the members can be proud, which serves their needs and is fit for our hobby in the 21st century.

We recognise that the past 8 months have been very difficult for the Society. We take on board many of the criticisms that have been levied about secrecy, about the process of this EGM and matters surrounding the Advisory Group report. The Interim Board is committed to more open and consultative processes as we work on the changes needed and we expect to start those early in the New Year.

We want to say something to those members who voted ”no” to the resolutions today. We ask that you give us a chance to show what we are and how we will work. In return we will engage with you to gain your ideas and thoughts in exactly the same manner as we will with all other members. Should you be thinking of it, leaving the Society at this stage is the single most damaging thing you can do, and is in no-one”s interest.

The Interim Board will start its work immediately. The RadCom editor has reserved space for us in every edition of 2012 and we will use that, the website and GB2RS, to share our progress with members.