Latest News On UKube-1 Project

Latest News On UKube-1 Project

Here is some good news just released by the UK Space Agency about the UKube-1 project.

You will see that the FUNcube system is formally part of the project. Whilst the release does not mention the FUNcube linear U/V transponder function during evenings and weekend, this functionality will be included in the same way that it is planned for the actual FUNcube-1 cubesat itself!

The FUNcube development team is looking forward to the extra challenge of producing two sets of everything in the very short timescales required by both projects:,,)

It is also good to se that they are proposing to use 9k6 BPSK as the modulation of the other VHF downlink transmitter that will be sued on UKube-1. Of course the FUNcube dongle and all the usual software will be perfect for receiving such signals. (About 6kHz bandwidth with the receiver in SSB mode if I understand it correctly)

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