SDARC takes delivery of lottery funded kit

SDARC takes delivery of lottery funded kit

Following our grant award, we have now taken delivery of a mix of new amateur radio equipment for the club. This is part of package of equipment that we plan to use to promote the amateur radio experience and stimulate interest in all aspects of the hobby. This is very much an enabling project that is intended to stimulate operating using all modes from top-band through to 23cm – all using modern equipment. Experienced and new operators alike will benefit as club vice chairman, James M1DST explains:

“Most new operators enter our hobby using newly purchased equipment. This is normally because it allows easy access and you know that what you buy should just work. There are many rigs on the market and choosing which to buy is a daunting task. We opted to buy the best we could within our budget. We believe we have picked equipment which would be accessible and usable for new operators. We also believe that having picked a brand new radio with outstanding reviews also gives the experienced operator something new to learn whilst having great performance.”

In 2011, we plan to stage a series of promotional events throughout the year at various venues in the area and we are about to start work on a permanent antenna installation to activate the club station on natter nights. There will be scope for all members to experience the new equipment – either on the club nights, or when we participate in contests.

SDARC is fortunate in that we have acquired two Kenwood TS590S HF transceivers for field work and for mobile operation. This rig will be demonstrated in forthcoming weeks to club members.

If you are a licensed amateur, SWL or just enjoy radio, why not join us at the club. We meet every Thursday at Savernake Street in Swindon. Contact Phil, M0PBZ at [email protected] for more information.