G8AGN G0EWN UK Lightwave Record 8 Jan 2011

G8AGN G0EWN UK Lightwave Record 8 Jan 2011

A new UK record for a lightwave contact has been set by Barry G8AGN/P and Gordon G0EWN/P over a distance of 87km.

On the UK Microwave Yahoo group Peter G3PHO writes:

This early evening [Saturday, Jan 8] I was privileged to be present at a momentous event…

Congratulations to Barry G8AGN/P and Gordon G0EWN/P for breaking the UK lightwave record with a two way contact over an 87km path between a hill site near Pocklington (East Yorkshire), IO93PW37 and Roper Hill Sheffield, IO93EI.

Barry was 600 ft asl at the Pocklington end of the path while I joined Gordon at the Sheffield end, some 1200 feet above sea level.

This is the result of many weeks of construction and reconstruction followed by local testing which then produced a 66km QSO before Christmas. The “Big One”, as tonight”s contact has been termed, was done, as usual, in bitterly cold weather at the Sheffield end :-,,). The new record is some 11km more than the previous record.

Full details will appear in the January Scatterpoint.