Vortex Antenna Systems

Vortex Antenna Systems

We’re very proud to announce that as of 12/12/2010 VORTEX ANTENNA SYSTEMS will be retailing following an initial extended period of R&D.
Vortex is owned and run by IOTA enthusiast Steve Lawman (G0UIH/VK2IAY/3D2FI) and is ably assisted by his XYL ‘Gail’ from an office and workshop near to Peterborough.

In the past the UK has had a limited choice for the radio community when it comes to home‐grown HF antenna products (particularly beams etc), so Steve has spent a period sourcing and researching premium quality aluminium and hardware to compliment the new VORTEX product line up.
Initially the line‐up will include the ‘Tornado’ range of HF Yagis and the ‘Whirlwind’ range of HF Delta Loops with mono and multi‐band variants. The mainstay is a heavy duty range, but certain products are also available as a lightweight alternative. A section on 6 and 4m antennas is also included. The product list will expand into 2011 to include Linear Loaded Designs and vertical antennas.

The portfolio also includes a variety of ‘VORTEX’ hardware and accessories which is aimed directly at the home constructor enabling them to purchase genuine VORTEX components and associated high end parts for their own antenna projects.

Commenting on the launch, Steve said that “During the last 18 months I’ve been sourcing materials and liaising with a variety of high‐end UK manufacturers. We have some good aluminium off the shelf stock available in the UK but the constructor is let down by the lack of suitable wall thicknesses.

Finding premium grade aluminium together with the correct ‘Wall Thicknesses’ that allows secure element telescoping was of paramount importance. Our bespoke stock of UK manufactured metric 6082‐T6 and AA6082‐T6 aluminium element tubes gives us 5 different tube diameters (soon to be 6), and a strength which exceeds that of the high end US 6061‐T6 ‘Aircraft Quality’ aluminium, but still retains excellent corrosion resistance. The element clamps are sourced from the Oil, Gas and Hydraulics industry and the element to boom clamps, Stainless Steel U‐Bolts and Saddles are all our own designs. We also use stainless steel fittings throughout. VORTEX now gives the UK radio enthusiast access to premium quality antennas and parts on their own doorstep without having to go out of the country”.

VORTEX hope to be attending some of the UK Rally dates throughout 2011 and to hopefully include some international events into 2012.

Vortex are primarily an on‐line only retailer. All antennas and accessories can be ordered directly online at www.vortexantennas.co.uk Alternatively, Steve can be contacted at the workshop on 07943 871 893, by email to [email protected]