2m Trophy – And the winner is…?

2m Trophy – And the winner is…?

The 144 MHZ trophy results are out and I have the greatest pleasure in telling you the club entry was 2nd out of 16 entries in our section.

We only put a very small station with a 5 ele beam on a portable mast without a rotator and 80w. Just think what we could have done with the club beams & tower.

Full results can be seen here.

We lost a total of 7 QSOs which ultimately lost us 1973 lost points. Having had a 100% log would have made no difference to the final result.

It was exciting to see that the winner of the OPEN section logged 902 QSOs. That is fantastic for a VHF contest although they did use 4*12 + 4*10 + 17 ele yagis.