Advanced Warning – New Forum Coming

Advanced Warning – New Forum Coming

Dear forum users,

I have decided it time to upgrade the forum to something I feel much happier maintaining. We have had incidents of spam over the last few months. Most of which have been nipped in the bud early on although so have slipped thorough.

I am not intending to move any of the old posts or users over to the new forum. Some users have never posted or have not logged in for some time. Upgrading the forum will be the perfect time for the autumn clean.

I hope you will be happy that some features will start working again (forgotten password, avatars and uploads)

With the forum will come new rules. There will be an element of moderation for all new users. This could become a big task as the forum grows. I am asking for volunteers now that would like to share the moderation task with me. Please email [email protected] if you wish to help.

The new forum has been installed although not completely configured. It might take a few days so don”t panic if you don”t see it show up immediately.

If you have any thoughts on what could be included on the forum or the website please email me.


James, M1DST