May 144 Contest 2010

May 144 Contest 2010

We entered the 6 hour section and started transmitting at 0800 UTC on the Sunday.

We arrived on site on the Saturday at various times and the personnel immediately got to work placing the caravan and building antennas.

We planned to be ambitious with 2×12 antennas. One fixed and one rotatable with preamp. We found that this arrangement was far too heavy for us to lift properly. We opted for a shorter pole and tried again although the pole buckled!

We considered aborting due to many other mishaps however decided to persevere and continue on so that we could be ready for the following day.

We started on time on the Sunday and took 60 minute shifts finishing at 1400 UTC.

Strip down took an hour and a half due to the extreme rain we had.

Last year we came 9th in our section where Den and I operated from a car for 6 hours. We achieved 77 contacts and a score of 11,227. We had 51 mults giving us a total score of 572,577. Our best DX was 628km.

This year compares as follows: We achieved 74 contacts and a score of 10,391. We had 52 mults giving us a total score of 540,332. Our best DX was 451km.