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All members of the club should be listed on this signin sheet. If you are not listed then you have either not paid for this period or we have made an error. Please check with the treasurer or membership secretary for guidance. If you would like to provide/revoke email consent, please change as necessary and initial the box.

Entry is currently FREE for members. Drinks cost £1.50.

CallsignNameGDPR ConsentPaid MemberPresent £0.00Drink £1.50
2E0CYSPeter MartinYESYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0EJAEddie ColeYESPlease renew your subscription!  
2E0FGXMatthew ReadYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0KYBMarc TielemansYESYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0KZNJonathan SpenceYESYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0LUFAdam ClackYESYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0RQRDavid CockramYESYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0WHQDom WilkinsonYESYES    (2020/2021)  
2E0WLFMatthew WilliamsYESPlease renew your subscription!  
G0CPATony PrichardYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G0DHLMartin MasonYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G0EPCPaul EggletonYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G0NKKAndy DipperPlease renew your subscription!  
G0TDYAndy FrankYESPlease renew your subscription!  
G0TLICharles VinceYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G0UWSAndrew SharmanYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G0VTABob CollinsYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G1ERMDarren SalterYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G3TPQGeoff HarrisYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G3YBYIan McCarthyYESPlease renew your subscription!  
G4AJAChris HoareYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G4GUGMike MeadowsYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G4HGVMichael LeachYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G4LDLTony BettleyYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G4VWGRoy VanKasselYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G4XIBDave HortonYESPlease renew your subscription!  
G4XUTRob LossYESYES    (2020/2021)  
G6UAJPaul LongstaffYES    (2020/2021)  
G8EOZKeith WaightYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0ACMDen ForrestYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0AKTSteven MajorYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0GKGRob LeyPlease renew your subscription!  
M0HXCFer KroonYES    (2020/2021)  
M0IEPViv WilliamsYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0MTAMark AtfieldYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0OSMEd PenfoldYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0PBZPhilip BondYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0RFIRussell StannardYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0SYLSylwester KrolakYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M0TTESimon FairbournYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M0ZGBJonathan HobbsYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M1CJEAndrew EastlandYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M1CZIIain JohnsonYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M1DSTJames PattersonYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M1EFYAndy GittingsYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M1KDJKelvin JowettYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M1SKIAndrzej GrabianskiYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M3GSPDave BannisterYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M3XIRGraeme WilliamsonYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M5CBSMike BealeYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M6CUENeil ConnorYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M6JJGJerry GreenhalghYES    (2020/2021)  
M6OHUTerry AllenPlease renew your subscription!  
M6UEPRob SaddlerYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M7CBKPhil MumfordYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M7CJBChris BraidenYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M7CKBChris BroomYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M7DOCJohn ChapmanYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M7JJCJohn ClaridgeYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M7KJBKrzysztof BursztykaYESPlease renew your subscription!  
M7MCLJim McloughlinYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M7RTXTed CrippsYESYES    (2020/2021)  
M7SWASteve AllisonYESPlease renew your subscription!  
MW0ODYChris MoodyYESYES    (2020/2021)  
SWLEric Russell-BrownYESYES    (2020/2021)  
SWLGraham HuffYESPlease renew your subscription!  
SWLJohn SageYESPlease renew your subscription!  
SWLMatt PerryYESYES    (2020/2021)  
SWLTimothy HawkinsPlease renew your subscription!  

* Members list is correct as of 21/09/2020

Entry costs £2.00. Drinks cost £1.50.

CallsignNameEntry £2.00Drink £1.50