Talk-‘BYLARA’ by Jenni Jones, M0HZT

Talk-‘BYLARA’ by Jenni Jones, M0HZT

This week at Pine Trees, we welcome Jenni Jones (M0HZT) who will be giving us a presentation on ‘BYLARA’. BYLARA is an acronym for ‘British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association’ and was set up in 1979 to further the interests of ‘YLs’ (Young Ladies) in the world of Amateur Radio. Through this, some of the aims were to promote operating and friendship across the globe and encourage courteous and correct operating procedures amongst operators. The latter, as most will have come across, is something that is sadly lacking on occasions!

Using the call ‘M0BYL’, the association runs regular nets, award schemes, supports radio rallies and they have undertaken Lighthouse activations and DXpeditions in the past. The frequencies used very often end in ‘88’ in reference to ‘88s’ meaning ‘Hugs & Kisses’ in radio parlance. The group also regularly support the RNLI and Portland Coast-watch with fundraising activities. They celebrated their 35th anniversary in April 2014 by operating with the call ‘GB35BYL’, operating on the 40m band from Wiltshire.

Jenni is hoping that their Chairma’am, Carol Ann Hodges (2E1RBH), will also be able to join us for the evening – making quite a journey from Portland to be with us.

Please join us at Pine Trees from 7pm on Thursday 8th February to meet Jenni & Carol Ann and view what is sure to be an interesting presentation. Of course, if you have an interested or licenced ‘YL’ or ‘XYL’, please bring them along too!’

Twitter: @jennijonesM0HZT