‘The Shetland Bus’ Talk by John Winterburn

‘The Shetland Bus’ Talk by John Winterburn

‘On Thursday, November 10th, we welcome back John Winterburn to our club.

John is an Archaeologist and specializes in the conflict landscapes of Southern Jordan – members will doubtless remember the spellbinding presentation John gave us some 18 months ago on his part in the search for Lawrence of Arabia’s desert camp.

On Thursday, we move forward to World War 2 and the story of the ‘Shetland Bus’. This was the nickname of the special operations group formed in 1941 who specialized in making the link between Shetland, Scotland and Norway. The Norwegian Naval Independent Unit (NNIU) as they were known, initially used lightly armed fishing boats for the crossings and usually crossed in darkness during the Winter months. The group became part of the Norwegian Navy in 1943 and gained 3 fast and heavily armed submarine chasing boats, eventually making nearly 200 crossings before the war ended in May 1945.

This will be quite a poignant talk, being the night before Remembrance Day and the ideal opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made by these brave persons in some of the most daring exploits of the war.

Please join us at Pine Trees Community Centre from 7pm to see John’s fascinating presentation.