We have a tower again!

We have a tower again!

20160613_163350With the exception of a few minor and almost cosmetic jobs to be done during first use, the SDARC blue trailer and tower are now ready for full deployment!

After a very successful full day’s work by Tony and Den, the transplant, mast structure, winches and cables all have the green light. We set off this morning with the intention of checking the luffing cable and changing the luffing winch for our own Alko braked winch. That job went well – between the showers – and we soon had it luffed over and back down again. All Good!

So we decided to carry on and look at the lifting cables and set about changing the lifting winch. One cable had been pinched when the top section was reinserted and it took us a considerable time to release this but in the end it knew who was boss and the cable was released. The winch was then changed and the lift tested to full height as per the photo ! Again, All Good!

It is now ready for use to full height.

So, what is still to be done ?

  • Luffing handle – The handle grip doesn’t spin – corrosion. Den has it to work on.
  • Number plate attachment – More challenging on this tower due to the triangular base. Tony has an idea for this.
  • The “flapper” accidental lowering restrictor – The old tower used a horizontal “flag”; this tower has a vertical flapper which has to be held ‘disengaged’ throughout the lowering process. A simple hook to achieve this is needed. Fixable on site on first use.
  • Guy rings at all three levels – We need three bolts at each level with a ring welded on to allow our guys to snap in. For 1st use, we can use rope loops.
  • Winch Platform / Milk crate step – The lifting winch is higher than on the old tower and a ‘platform’ is needed to reach it safely and conveniently. Various Ideas being considered, but for first use, we need a “milk crate” platform.
  • Paint – A coat of Blue paint is needed where the new red-leaded sections have been inserted.
  • Cables – Tony has a brand new top section lifting cable. If we need it at any time, it can be fitted reasonably easily. We do not have a spare lower section lifting cable. The old luffing cable is too short for the new tower. These would have to be purchased if needed. Neither needed currently.
  • Larger bottom pulley – WE think a slightly larger diameter pulley would help the routing of the lifting cable.

By this point in the list we must have been getting really desperate for new jobs!!!

  • Any Graphics we think of adding.
  • Drilling the base of the cage to accommodate the rotator
  • A Top bearing for the rotator cage?