IOTA 2011 Results

IOTA 2011 Results

This year, despite the low sun-spots, we received 2315 logs (yet another record), some 632,000 qsos sufficient to enable us adjudicate 75% of all qsos. In addition, we have received photographs from 252 stations, and more than a 71% of the stations entered their location using google maps. Entrants also posted 9 YouTube videos.
We have integrated both the maps and photographs on the results page and we hope that they would provide a richer experience.

We also give you the opportunity to enter/edit your location on google maps and you can email any contest related photographs (1 per station) to the contest manager: [email protected]

Many thanks for taking part in IOTA 2011. Certificates will be sent to leading scorers in each category and a list of trophy winners will be published in due course. Trophies will be awarded at the RSGB Convention in October 2012. Those not able to attend will receive their trophy by mail after the Convention.

Should you have any queries/disagreements about our adjudication please let us know IMMEDIATELY. The results will be finalised by 10 February 2012.



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