We’re Moving – Save the Date (5th January 2012)

We’re Moving – Save the Date (5th January 2012)

Dear Members,

I have the pleasure of announcing today that from January 5th 2012 we will have a new meeting venue. Over the last couple of years we have been suffering with car parking issues at our current location in Savernake street. This has caused frustration for some members. I can assure you that the committee hasn’t been ignoring the issue and has actively been looking for alternatives. This has proven difficult without compromising other things including cost, day, and location.

We were made aware that a new £2m building was being built in Pinehurst which was due to open in this month. For various reasons the project was delayed and will now open on the last week of December. Den and I took the opportunity to make a site visit a couple of weeks ago to check on progress and we were impressed with the facilities and progress to date. We met with the committee and it was agreed that the club would be far better off in the new building.

The two-storey centre is being built on the site of the former Pine Trees residential home on The Circle and replaces the Pinehurst People’s Centre, which was located on the site where the Swindon Academy now stands.

What other benefits are there I hear you ask. There will be site wide WIFI and computers in the cafe. We have a balcony on which we can set up antennas. Outside, there will be a large car park and community garden, where groups can grow their own flowers and vegetables.

I am really excited about the move and think it will be a perfect start for the club 2012.

The committee and I would like to invite you to the first meeting of 2012 at the new site where we will be providing free drinks and cakes. We will also ensure that a radio is set up and available for use on the evening.

Hope to see you there

James (M1DST)