MS0INT – Isle of Rockall

MS0INT – Isle of Rockall

A team of four highly experienced IOTA activators have plans to operate from the extremely rare and dangerous Isle of Rockall, EU-189.

Accompanied by an expert climber, they aim to land and stay a top Rockall for maximum 48 hours, in what will be considered one of the most ambitious island activations the ham radio world has seen.

The four operators are George EA2TA, Christian EA3NT, Simon IZ7ATN and Col MM0NDX – all part of the larger MS0INT IOTA adventure group which has previously been on air from EU-059, EU-111 and EU-118. Completing the team is Nick Hancock, a climber with considerable experience in inhospitable places, thus increasing the chances of activating the islet.

Due to the fact Rockall is the most isolated speck of rock surrounded by water on the surface of the Earth, weather and seas dictate this entire expedition. The team are very aware near perfect landing conditions are required, and the skipper of their yacht has final say.

With research and historical data, we believe the end of May / beginning June 2012 is a viable time period to put Rockall on the air.

Each member will pay their own flights,additional travel costs,food, equipment and charter boat expenses.

To help offset some of this expense, the team seek generous donations from within the IOTA community, DX organisations and like-minded individual operators who all appreciate the scale involved in this difficult activation.

All donors form part of this exciting project and will be listed on our website which is currently under construction. Significant contributors will be added to our QSL card. To donate, you can use paypal: [email protected]

Thank you!

MS0INT – Rockall 2012 Team