Last Night’s Fox Hunt Report

Last Night’s Fox Hunt Report

A warm summer evening was the backdrop for the largest turnout of hunters so far this year in this evening’s SDARC 2-metre Direction Finding Competition.

The fox, sitting tantalisingly close to Sainsbury’s and Toys R Us (!) but actually much closer to the White Hart pub in Stratton, witnessed not only the largest group of hunters so far this year but also the fastest ‘find’ at just under 30 minutes! Yes the high speed hunter, Chris G1YGY, was supping an early ‘arf’ at the White Hart having skilfully used his HB9CV to get three very precise fixes on the fox before the end of the fox’s third transmission!

Geoff, G3TPQ’s 70 minute season record was ‘toast’ thanks to Chris’ major effort and even Geoff was some five minutes behind his season average time this evening, having decided that the fox’s sense of humour would have placed him in the Toys R Us car park (…well, his thinking … “playing radio” ….was wickedly good!! )

In the end, we managed to go QRT early this evening when the “G3” team of Frank JOT and Deryck YKC found the fox with a large measure of time to spare, having overcome their technical difficulties during the June event and despite Frank sporting a very definitely “keep-it-to-yourself” summer cold.

The group, joined by Graeme M6XIR and Kevin G6FOP, finally got together as the evening came to an end at the White Hart where the group just ‘tweaked’ the night’s takings with a sensibly small sampling of their wares before heading off home – a 100% success in the bag …all teams having located the fox within the allocated timeframe.

Congratulations to all for your efforts but particularly to Chris for his Olympian’s performance. If you weren’t there this evening, you missed a good one!

See you in the August event?

Do check the website for the date and rules and give it a try.

Anyone else fancy making up an impromptu team for the night to have a go?

From the fox’s earth, may your aerials always be 50Ω resistive* !



* ..and if they aren’t, you will REALLY want to be at NEXT Thursday’s live talk by Peter G3RZP on the subject of ATUs