IC-9100 Icom HF to UHF Transceiver (now available)

IC-9100 Icom HF to UHF Transceiver (now available)

Icom’s latest base station offering 1.8 – 440MHz plus 1296MHz and D-Star options.

The Icom IC-9100 is Icom’s new offering for the operator who is looking for a complete high performance radio that covers HF – UHF in one box. It offers 100 Watts output on all bands up to 2m, whilst on 70cms you get a healthy 75 Watts. An internal auto ATU is included which covers HF plus 50MHz.

The receiver has excellent sensitivity and tests show that it is well up to the IC-7600 performance. This is the first Icom wide range transceiver to offer two independent receivers and full duplex. This makes it ideal for both DX HF operation and satellite work on the higher bands. Indeed the IC-9100 is a landmark radio.

It will cost a whopping £3000 and that doesn’t include the 23cm addon!

@Icom_UK tweets: There will be a world exclusive preview of the IC-9100 by Peter Hart in the April issue of Radcom.