DX0DX Postponement

DX0DX Postponement

To the DX Community at large – It’s with regret that as Team Leader, I have to announce the postponement of the DX0DX Spratly Islands DXpedition 2011, due to circumstances beyond the control of the DX0DX Team.

Our situation began when our original mode of transport by ship was terminally damaged back in late October 2010. We then went to our contingency plan which was to fly in, as there were no ships deemed to be safe and provided facilities for safe passage to Pag-Asa, available.

We hand landing permission and booked the correct sized aircraft and with the security cleared pilots. To simplify it, there was conflicting agreements and hence the aircraft could not get approval of its flight plan.

The bottom line is this. We have a licence, we have authority to land via ship, hence when the ship becomes available in the near future, it is my intention to activate this entity in 2011.

The team has worked tirelessly to remove the hurdles that were placed before the team in the last minute.

As time was running out for this window of opportunity, and before more operators become stuck here in Palawan, the decision was made to postpone the activation.

A call was placed to PARA advising them that a postponement of the activation would be sought to a date in in the near future, where the activation will look at again taking place.

All equipment will need to be exported out of Philippines to comply with current Philippine Customs Law in which it was brought into the country.

The plan is to be re-assessed so the current operators have the first opportunity to be on this future trip.

Once more information is at hand, I will advise the DX Community.


Chris de VK3FY
Team Leader DX0DX