SSB Field Day 2010 / 2m Trophy Contest

SSB Field Day 2010 / 2m Trophy Contest

Several operators took part in two contests over the weekend. We were originally going to take part in the HF SSBFD contests although late on Friday night G0UWS decided he would like to setup a 2m station for the trophy event which coincided.

We decided to move locations this year and we believe the experiment was very useful.

2m went very well considering we operated around 5 hours. A map of our contacts can be found at the following link. Click here for the map.

Stats for the HF contest are as follows.

We learnt a number of lessons to help us improve on our station next time.

We entered to restricted section which meant one antenna and 100w. The antenna we used was a steppir vertical (biggir) which worked very well on 40m. It would have been useful to have had beams for the higher bands but then we couldn”t have entered the restricted section.

Sorry but no pictures were taken during the event.